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This app is going to send at least 3 push notifications per month. Each push notification will signal a set & forget swing trade in detail providing the entry with the stop loss less than 50 pips and take profit of 200 pips. Expect to make 500 pips per month with this app. Don't uninstall the app as it will stop the push notifications. Previously I was posting the signals in my Swing Trading Signals Facebook Group that was only visible to members. With this new version of the FREE Forex Signals APP, you will get push notifications and the Facebook Group is discontinued.

Forex trading is a visual art that is very hard to code. So forget eas and robots as too much discretion is involved in making the trading decisions. Forex trading can be fun if you keep the risk low. Taking high risk per trade only results in impairing your judgement and making you nervous. Don't be greedy. Don't risk more than 2% on a single trade. The trick lies in building a pyramid in a trade while keeping the risk 2%. Join my Swing Trading Newsletter where I show you how to build a pyramid. The technique of pyramiding helps in multiplying your return 5 fold while keeping the risk low. You just need to double your account every month with low risk. If you start with $300 and you are able to double your account every month 12 times, you have a million dollar in your account in 12 months.

You can also download my forex systems FREE. Just subscribe to my Swing Trading Newsletter and you will be able to download my forex systems FREE. If you want more forex signals alongwith a trade copier ea that can copy my signals onto your account automatically, you can try my Million Dollar Trading Challenge. As a member of our Million Dollar Trading Challenge, you also get free coaching on skype and google hangout. You can try our Million Dollar Trading Challenge for 15 days for $1.

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