Identify Quick Momentum Moves Before They Happen Video Tutorial

Steve Primo is a master when it comes to price action trading. Momentum is what matters when you are trading. This is a very good video tutorial that shows you how to simplify your trading and become a consistently winning trader. Steve Prim0 gives you the number#1 rule that says always trade in the direction of the trend. Trend is what SMA50 is. When price is above SMA50, you only buy and when price is below SMA50 you only sell. This is as simple as that. Don’t try to buy when price is below SMA50. This is a wrong move. Only sell when price is below SMA50. What is SMA? SMA is a Simple Moving Average. Watch the video tutorial in which Steve Primo gives a simple entry rule using candlesticks that will most of the time give you big profit trades.