The Man Who Predicted Dollar Rally Warning A Catastrophe Ahead

US Dollar Index has already gained 10% this year. This man had accurately predicted that US Dollar will make a historic rally. But now he is predicting a massive catastrophe ahead as the dollar rally continues to unprecedented levels in the next few years.

Strong US dollar means oil prices will tumble down to the level around $20 per barrel. Former hedge fund manager and Goldman Sachs alumnus Raoul Pal isn’t one to shy away from making bold predictions. Back in November 2014, Pal, who is currently the publisher of the Global Macro Investor newsletter and the founder of Real Vision TV, said the U.S. dollar index was poised to make a move the likes of which hadn’t been seen in “many, many years.” Now, after the dollar index surged 10 percent, Pal is out with a new prediction, and it could spell trouble for global equities.

In nutshell a strong dollar is not good for the global economy especially for Germany. If Germany slows down, it means a recession for Europe. FED is planning to hike the interest rate in September. If this is true this means US dollar is going to get strong more. This will put more fuel into the dollar rally which will go up as predicted by this former hedge fund manager. Whatever as a trader we profit whether the market goes up or down. We just need to predict the market direction correctly.